About Us

3inONE Coffee Company was started by siblings Michelle Anderson and Robert Leighton in hopes to combine passion, commitment and promise. A passion for coffee, a commitment to quality and a promise to give back is the backbone of what we do. Instilled with a strong work ethic and a heart for others by their mother Lynn, Michelle and Robert are driven to make a difference. 


Our background as educators has allowed us to take a new and different perspective on the coffee industry. Our goal is to not only to serve outstanding products but to educate our customers so they can find the perfect cup for their unique palette.  With our diverse offerings and our understanding of coffee from farm to cup, folks are guaranteed to find what they love... 


Who doesn't love coffee? In so many ways it is a foundational part of our lives. It is the fuel that helps to get us up and moving, the centerpiece around small social gatherings, the livelihood for many around the world and often works as the energy source one needs to make it just a little bit further. 

For twenty years I have been dreaming, waiting, and wanting to tap into the world of coffee in the hopes of making a difference in the world by combining my loves... coffee and people.


Coffee is versatile. We use it to jumpstart our day, sip it in those quiet moments for ourselves, drink it while spending time with a friend or loved one, and to help us get through those long hours we spend in the evening working. I want to use my passion for coffee to create a wonderful experience and a great cup of coffee for people. I have taken my background in education and researched the science behind the roasting and brewing of the coffee bean in order to bring my customers that experience.

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